Papa John's Pizza

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a minimum order amount required for delivery? 

There is no minimum order amount required for delivery.

Do I need to pay for delivery? 

Yes, delivery charges are Qr. 5..

When are your opening times? 

All our stores open at 10am and we start our deliveries from 11am.

Do you have an email address?

Yes you can send email on

How long will my Papa Rewards points last?

There will be no Papa Rewards, customer will get 15% discount on his/her next order once they submit feedback. 

How long does it take you to deliver pizza?

30-35 minutes.

Why can’t you deliver to my house?

Your house is out of our trade area, you can visit any store and pick your order.

Why do I need to enter my address or zip code before I place an order?

Once you select your products or orders then you need to enter zip code.

Help! I didn’t get an order confirmation email.

Call on 44247272 and check your order status

Are the prices different on the paper menu than online?

All prices are same in online & paper menu

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